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Foot Pain: The Why & How to Help

Foot pain and physical therapy go foot and foot, or did I mean “hand and hand”?  Well, any who,  I wrote all about this in October’s edition of Nature’s Pathway magazine.  I start with the fan favorite, planter fasciitis, and then move on to other reasons for foot pain.  I also discuss a variety of ways to self treat and care for your feet.  Enjoy!  And, as always, I’m only a phone call, email or FB IM away if you’ve got any questions…  Click HERE to contact me.

Click this magazine image to read the full article!  BTW, there are several other fantastic articles related to health and wellness in this magazine.

PS. I can also treat your feet by fitting you for custom and semi-custom orthotics.  No MD order needed.

Not sure if you need orthotics?  Click HERE for a list of FAQ’s from Langer Orthotics (the brand I use).

Always here to get and keep you active and healthy!



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