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At Juniper, we prioritize your well-being and individual goals. Our one-on-one holistic care is centered on helping you regain the ability to enjoy your passions fully.

At Juniper, we promote an active and fulfilling life, providing support at any stage of your journey. Our attentive care focuses on enhancing your performance naturally, without medication or surgery.

Navigating the complexities of medicine can be overwhelming, but we are committed to staying up-to-date with effective, natural restoration methods. Our goal is to get you moving without costly tests or unnecessary surgeries. Prevention is key, and we'll teach you self-management and body awareness to address distress signals before they become problematic again.


As movement experts, we excel in optimizing your musculoskeletal system by evaluating your entire body as a whole.

We identify underlying reasons behind your symptoms, enabling us to offer a treatment plan that ensures comfortable and continued mobility, regardless of age.


We tailor a personalized treatment plan to your unique needs and goals. Our experts guide you with holistic methods, empowering you to live an active and pain-free life.



Our initial step involves a complimentary phone conversation to understand your story and needs. We will address all your questions and ensure we meet your expectations. If you're ready, we can schedule your in-person therapy evaluation. However, if you're confident about working with us, feel free to directly schedule your initial evaluation and skip this step.


Reduce & Restore

Our first goal is to reduce your pain.  We utilize various manual therapy techniques and prescriptive exercises to do so. To get long-term relief, we search beyond the source of your pain and look for the cause.  We analyze your specific movement patterns and help to restore your areas of tightness and/or weakness so that you can function at your best.


Evaluate & Plan

As highly experienced Doctors of Physical Therapy, we specialize in comprehensive musculoskeletal care. During your initial visit, we conduct a thorough assessment, provide a detailed physical therapy diagnosis and begin treatment. You'll leave with a well-defined plan, outlining the timeline and financial commitment.


Create Resiliency

Our personalized training program sets us apart. Transitioning from PT to wellness, our trainers work with therapists to elevate your exercises, help you reach bigger goals, and provide consistent accountability. This step builds resilience in your body, preventing a return of symptoms and making your recovery a seamless journey.


We're here to help you recover, perform better, and stay proactive. With personalized care, natural methods, and expert guidance, we'll support your active and fulfilling life.


You are motivated to take care of yourself.

We know that our minds play a giant role in our overall well-being.  We understand that to stay fit and healthy for life, it requires dedication and self-love.  Our lives are complicated with circumstances that can drastically alter our outlook.  At Juniper, we want to help you stay along the path of positive self-care by providing encouragement and restoring confidence with your body.  We know that when you feel good physically, your mind feels it too.


You have nagging pain.

We understand how frustrating it can be to stay active when you have a nagging pain.  Perhaps you have noticed that every time you walk over a mile, your heel starts to hurt. Or maybe, whenever you do yard work, your low back tightens up.  You wonder if you should do something about this before it gets worse.  You also wonder if this is just “old age”.  These are signs that your body is not functioning at it’s finest and it needs a bit of a tune-up.


You have tightness and can't move like you used to.

As we get older, our bodies change and adapt to how we use or don’t use it.  We all have preferred ways to move and develop unique habits based on how we spend our time.  Oftentimes, specific areas become tight from either overuse or underuse.  At Juniper, we will analyze your specific movement patterns and restore your areas of tightness so that you can function at your best.


You suffered and injury.

We are Doctors of Physical Therapy and well-prepared to help you at all phases of your injury.  As experts in the field of musculoskeletal conditions, we can be the first medical provider you see to help you determine your optimal plan of care.  We can evaluate your condition and determine if you need specialty services such as an orthopedic surgeon or neuro spine specialist. Many times, rehab is all you need. You can get started right away without the wait or the expense.


You don't want to depend on surgery or drugs.

At Juniper, we strive to offer a different alternative.  We believe that pain is simply a warning sign that is meant to signal further investigation.  During our thorough full-body evaluation and subsequent sessions, we focus on discovering the underlying source of your symptoms. Our goal is to help you move better with less pain without depending on drugs or surgery.  Although medication and surgery serve an integral role in the world of healthcare, we believe that our dependency on these interventions has gone too far. We provide a natural, effective, and safe alternative.


"I have nothing, but positive praise in my experience with Liz at Juniper. I visited Liz back in the fall of 2021 for a back issue and again recently for a knee problem. In both experiences, I was able to see immediate improvement on my way to recovery."

- Jamie Ullman, Manitowoc

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