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At Juniper, we recognize that every body is unique, and one-size-fits-all approaches won't suffice.

At Juniper, we believe in personalized care, creating custom plans to cater to your unique needs and goals. As your physical therapist, we blend various treatment options to design a tailored plan for lasting results, ensuring you receive the best possible care.


"I was scheduled for surgery for Plantar Fasciitis and totally dreading it. Someone had recommended Juniper so I thought at that point I had nothing to lose. I'm so grateful I did. After 2 sessions I canceled my surgery."

- Kathy B., Manitowoc



Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique used to address musculoskeletal pain, where small needles are inserted into tender 'trigger points.' By targeting these nodules in muscles and fascia, dry needling brings about pain relief, increased range of motion, and improved mobility, making it an effective therapy for various conditions.


Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise is essential to our practice and the success of our treatments. It complements our manual therapy techniques, helping you regain strength, expedite healing, and address harmful compensations for improved outcomes. Emphasizing movement as the best medicine for many conditions, we strive to optimize your well-being.


Mobility & Injury Risk Assessment

Stay injury-free with our Mobility and Injury Risk Assessment. We identify risk factors that might hinder your fitness goals and limit your activities. A personalized program will improve your mobility and provide specific exercises, reducing the need for medical visits. If you face tightness or range of motion issues, our hands-on manual therapies can expedite your recovery process.


Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is the cornerstone of our hands-on approach to effective physical therapy treatment. Skilled manual therapists can immediately improve your range of motion and reduce pain. As a result, their treatments can also create an opportunity for greater mobility, strength gains, and healing response.


Custom Orthotics

Our focus is on natural foot strength and function, but we also provide custom orthotics as a bridge to restoration or a solution for ongoing issues. If you have a history of foot injuries, chronic pain, or structural concerns, custom orthotics may be the answer. We will conduct a thorough evaluation and take foam impressions, to ensure a perfect fit.


Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping provides pain relief, improved mobility, and accelerated healing. By applying elastic tape to muscles and joints, it reduces inflammation, supports injured areas, and enhances natural movement and comfort, making it beneficial for athletes and injury recovery.

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