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Tips & Suggestions for a Proper Running Shoe Fit

Selecting which running shoes to buy can be an overwhelming experience. Simplify things by learning what NOT to do and instead choose your shoes based on your running experience. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with a deeper explanation in this How to Pick the Best Running Shoe post.

Now that you know a general idea of what you are looking for, follow these tips & suggestions from my mentor and colleague Chris Johnson, PT to make sure your new shoes are comfortable AND the correct size.

  1. Bring your preferred pair of socks

  2. Remove the inner liner and make sure it fully captures your foot

  3. Feel around the inside of the shoe for “hot spots” or areas that may be abrasive

  4. Put on and fully lace both shoes without pulling the laces too tight

  5. Your toes should have adequate room in the toe box in all directions

  6. The shoe shape should feel comfortable and not overly curved nor straight relative to your foot

  7. The shoes should flex well just behind the ball of your foot

  8. The shoes should provide adequate protection for the bottom from rocks and uneven terrain

  9. Fit shoes to your longest toe of your longest foot

  10. Your heels should be snug in the heel counter (back of shoe) and there should be little up and down movement

  11. Try on your shoes at the end of the day preferably after running or walking as your feet normally swell by day’s end

  12. Make sure to take them for a test run

  13. If you use orthotics, make sure they fit inside the shoe without compromising the fit and are positioned on a shoe with a stable platform


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