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Does this sound familiar?

  • You have been struggling to be consistent with your fitness routine

  • You have started and stopped multiple different programs at home and/or at a local gym

  • You aren’t sure which type of workout is right for you

  • You feel funny lifting weights as you aren’t sure what you are doing

  • You are worried that others are judging you at the gym

  • You wonder if you are doing what is actually best for you and your goals

At Juniper PT, we believe in empowering individuals to design effective workout routines that yield positive results:

  • Emphasizing understanding and honoring their body's unique needs

  • Cultivating knowledge in exercise science and weightlifting

  • Establishing a strategic plan for consistent progress and accountability.


Empower yourself with our personalized training experience, designed to help motivated individuals take charge of their fitness journey without confusion or the big gym overwhelm.


Where health-conscious individuals are given an expertly crafted plan to help them ditch the big gym overwhelm and create the consistent accountability they have been looking for. 

Our clients (& friends) say that they know they need to work out, but they simply don’t know what to do. They are tired of the random latest app or youtube workout, the less-than-motivating and lonely home-made routine, or the intimidating gym environment.  Besides, they are worried that they could hurt themselves and wonder if that persistent ache or pain will return or even worsen. ​They find it difficult to be consistent as they often wonder if what they are doing is even effective.  They are drawn in by every latest fitness fad or piece of home equipment (hello Peloton! And what is that cool mirror thing?) and wonder if that will be THE thing that makes the difference.

We understand that figuring out your own routine is hard and that decision-making fatigue is REAL.  We get the desire to have the latest and greatest but ALSO know the value of accountability for consistency and results.

This is precisely why we paired our physical therapists with our personal trainers to ensure that your program is designed by experts in exercise science and progressive fitness programming.  We will apply the latest research-based assessments to ensure your safety and results.  All of the thinking will be done for you so all you have to do is show up and achieve your goals.


Elliot Schmitt


Meet Elliot, a dedicated and highly qualified fitness professional with an array of certifications, including TRX Trainer, Certified Strength, and Conditioning Specialist, and American Red Cross CPR/AED. Elliot holds a BS in Exercise Science from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, emphasizing strength and conditioning.

Elliot's training philosophy revolves around a movement-based approach, valuing the significance of quality movement to ensure a prosperous fitness journey. As your personal trainer, Elliot strives to elevate every aspect of your life, encouraging daily challenges and stepping beyond comfort zones for mental growth. Regardless of your training goals, Elliot firmly believes that movement quality is the key to becoming the best version of yourself.

When not inspiring clients, Elliot cherishes spending time with family and friends. Being an avid sports enthusiast, Elliot enjoys watching all sports and maintaining an active lifestyle. During the Summer months, Elliot finds joy in kayaking and paddleboarding, embracing the beauty of outdoor activities.

“When I first signed up to work with a personal trainer I didn't know what to expect. I hadn't ever really worked with one before, and am quite active. in fact, most people were surprised when | said I had signed up to do it. However, my experience with Elliot was nothing short of awesome. He pushed simple exercises and moves to make them more difficult for me and challenge me. I felt SORE the next day and loved it. Some people you can tell are made to do the job they do. and Elliot is a perfect example of this. His passion for fitness and thoughtfulness in routines makes his sessions fly by and something to look forward to.”

- Heather R.


A strategic workout plan created by your personal trainer ensures you are able to be consistent while receiving the level of accountability you need.  Together, you will choose a 1x/week schedule that works best for you and helps you achieve your goals. You will also receive everything listed below.

  • Home workouts per your request to supplement your weekly training session

  • Direct messaging to your personal trainer for any questions that arise between sessions

  • Priority scheduling & reduced rate for any additional physical therapy appointments that may be needed

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