How Running Becomes Easier

You are new to running and feel like this is really hard? Today we’ll learn how running becomes easier. Well, let’s be real, running isn’t known for being easy. Even the pro athletes who run day and night agree that sometimes it can be really hard for them as well. From my own experience I can tell you, that the more you run, the more conditioned your body becomes and the easier it feels to run. But I can also tell you from my own experience, that one run is not like the other. You could kill a 10 mile run one day and the next day you barely survive the first 2 miles.


I’m always team “Let’s get it done” – so of course I know some tricks and tips you can do – other than quitting and meeting up with a friend for pizza. So next time you head outside try my tricks before and during your run to make it feel a little less hard. It works: that’s how running has gotten easier for me.


You’re heading outside for a long run and you’re just not feeling it today? No worries, use my trick to break down the distance to several shorter distances.Running becomes easier when you split the run into several time goals also. The trick with the mini goals throughout your run always helps.


One of the biggest mistakes you can do is, when you’re lacing up and you push yourself too much mentally and force yourself to run a certain distance. If today is not your day, that’s fine. It happens. If you can’t do the 6 miles today, do 5 miles instead. Focus on the excitement and joy of running.


I’m an early bird and a morning runner. But I know some of you can’t make time to run in the morning. Especially after a long day at work it’s even harder to find motivation and energy to run. Something I’ve discovered is that running becomes easier when you have coffee before your run.

Coffee can improve sprint performance and can also improve endurance because it delays the onset of muscle fatigue and central nervous system fatigue. Sip on a cup an hour to 30 minutes before your run so that the effects are in full force by the time you hit the pavement.


You made it outside but you still feel like you just want to turn around and jump back on the couch? Let’s make running easier and fix your mind! The right mindset is everything when it comes to working out. Good vibes only. My advice: Try to think about how grateful you are, that you are able to run. You’re doing it – others can’t. Doesn’t that feel amazing? Also use your run as your “you-time”. Let your thoughts go wherever they feel like going. Let it go. Enjoy the moment and relax.


Another great advice on how running becomes easier is to ignore your watch. It’s tempting to check your pace all the time while you’re running and especially when your run feels harder than normal a slower pace can demotivate you. Just ignore the watch. Just run. Run according to how you feel - even on those training days when you simply need a break from all the programmed paces. It won’t set you back. Listening to your body is the right thing to do anyways.


Are you having a hard time keeping your head into the game? How about some thoughts on why you’re doing this? Think about your goals. The reason why you started running in the first place. Think about your next race. Picture yourself crossing the finish line on your next race and when you’re just running for fun, enjoy the moment. Doesn’t it become easier right away?


This is one of the toughest one: Humans love routines and it’s so much more convenient to lace up your running shoes and go for a run right by your house. Just like you did a million times before already. It’s close by, you don’t need a car or public transportation, you’ll be back sooner and so it goes. Routines lead to boredom. Try a new route and find a new way or road that is more visually stimulating. Explore the world of running. There is so much more to see.