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Welcome to Juniper Physical Therapy & Fitness

We help people in Manitowoc stay active and feel good in their bodies by emphasizing quality movement and injury prevention through advanced physical therapy and personal training.


If you are motivated to live an active lifestyle but currently struggle due to pain, stiffness, fear of injury, or lack of confidence, you’ve come to the right place.

​Our goal at Juniper is to help you feel good in your body so you can have the freedom to do all the things you love. We enjoy restoring and improving your movement and strength to promote longevity and confidence in yourself. Whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, a parent carrying your beautiful (but heavy) children, or a grandparent eager to play with your grandkids - we can help.


With a focus on understanding your body and providing holistic care, we're here to empower you with knowledge and support. 


Physical Therapy

Discover the difference at our Manitowoc physical therapy clinic. Whether it's a recent injury or long-standing pain, we offer specialized care with one-on-one sessions, expert manual therapy, and a holistic approach for a lasting return to your active lifestyle.


Dry Needling

Dry needling, a targeted technique for musculoskeletal pain, involves inserting small needles into tender 'trigger points.' These nodules in muscles and fascia lead to immediate pain relief, increased range of motion, and improved mobility.


Personal Training

Take charge of your fitness without the gym overwhelm. Our personalized training offers clarity and accountability. No more confusion or decision fatigue – we've got you covered. Just show up, and we'll guide you to reach your goals.


Mobility Assessment

Prevent injuries, achieve mobility, and stay active with our personalized Mobility and Injury Risk Assessment. Tailored exercise programs and hands-on manual therapies are available. Your well-being matters to us!


Download our free resources and reach out if you have specific topics you'd like to learn more about. We're here to help!


FREE: Lifelong Mobility Guide

This guide is your compass to nurture a life of vitality and movement. Discover six essential daily mobility movements, each targeting a crucial body area. Let's embark on a journey of lifelong agility and comfort.


FREE: Hip Health & Mobility Guide

Whether you're an athlete or simply want to enhance your daily mobility, this guide is tailored to help you achieve optimal hip motion, stability, and control. Exercises designed to promote hip health and keep you moving.


FREE: Build Your Balanced Strength

Think of this guide as your roadmap to a stronger you, minus the fuss. We're talking about everyday strength, not just looks. From young guns to wise souls, I've seen it all. And guess what? There's a plan for everyone.

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"Best PTs I have ever been to. That includes every military doctor I have ever seen. They take a holistic, individual approach; would recommend 10/10."

- David Turner, Manitowoc


Discover tailored exercise routines, injury prevention tips, self-care strategies, and more to enhance your mobility and live an active life!


Explore our exclusive merch to find a range of stylish and inspiring tee's that celebrate movement, strength, and the Juniper journey.

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