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"I've had two foot surgeries and struggled to get back on my feet during my most recent foot surgery. I've had 2 1/2 months of physical therapy through another local therapy department and had made little to no progress with many set backs. However, I signed up with 5 sessions with Stacey and made more progress and learned more knowledge that I did in those 2 1/2 months of therapy. That's INSANE! I've heard great reviews about both Stacey and Liz; However, Stacey is the foot specialist so I went to her. She actually took the time to take care of me and my issues and wanted to help me reach my goals rather than being worried about her "work".  I would HIGHLY recommend Juniper Therapy! (wish I would've came here earlier, to be honest)" - David Thor

"Unbelievable care and attention. I've received PT in a hospital setting and felt like a number. Here, I feel like a family member. I am beyond thrilled with the experience and results. I will be sending my family and friends to Juniper. (and the coffee is #$#%$ing amazing)." - Ashley Holly

"After 2yrs of going through various kinds of therapies, I was scheduled for surgery for Plantar Fasciitis and totally dreading it. Someone had recommended Juniper so I thought at that point I had nothing to lose. I'm so grateful I did. After 2 sessions w/Elizabeth I canceled my surgery and made huge strides in my road to recovery.  She is amazing. She not only helps with different kinds of Physical Therapy she teaches you how to take care of yourself. Choosing Juniper is choosing the highest quality in Physical therapy." - KB

"I had a nagging pain in my shoulder for a few months. I stopped by Elizabeth and was able to make an appointment to see her very quickly. I made a weekly visit and worked on exercises that specifically aimed at the problem area. This was the first time I ever experienced dry needling and was amazed at the effectiveness. After a few weeks, the problem is completely resolved!! I am very happy with her professionalism and the effectiveness of treatment. I highly recommend Elizabeth to help you get back to 100%" - Gary Stolp

"Liz & Stacey are fantastic!! I came in with nagging hip pain and through testing, they found a relation between my hip muscles and my jaw! Crazy right!! My pre-race stretches & workouts were planned out by Liz & Stacey down to the minute to ensure that I am getting the most out of my running career. I loved working with them and bettering myself in the process. I can truly say I will not go to a different Physical Therapist and I would definitely recommend Juniper PT." - Grace Barden

“Liz is fantastic!  When I began seeing Liz, I had so much back pain that I could barely walk into her office.  After a thorough evaluation, she discovered issues that were causing the pain which I would never have attributed to the problem.  I love that Liz has a conservative mindset to medicine and that she is always learning and bringing the latest discoveries into our sessions.  Liz has truly been a blessing in my life.” - Elizabeth Pohl

“I have worked with Liz throughout my running career. Liz, thorough and finds the root cause of issues, be an injury, tightness, or other issues that impacted my performance. Liz works hard to stay abreast of innovative treatments & techniques. I highly recommend Juniper Physical Therapy.” - Gregory Saueressig

“Elizabeth’s ability to isolate the issue and to use the appropriate treatment – in my case it was dry needling – is amazing. The results are almost immediate and long-lasting.” - Eric Pekrul

“After being in PT when I was recovering from brain surgery, I knew it could be helpful with my shoulder discomfort. I found I was out of posture and that was causing much of my problems. I'm continuing my exercises and am finding I don't have to correct my posture as often and then the pain is subsiding.” - Larry Bergner

“I had been struggling with severe back pain for about five weeks, which was wearing me down physically and mentally.  My best decision was to turn to Dr. Elizabeth Wergin at Juniper Physical Therapy for help.  From our first session on, I responded to her treatments and I could tell that the pain was lessening and that free movement was returning.  Besides that, my whole attitude brightened.  I"m thankful for Dr. Liz's knowledgeable and caring treatment.  Now after five sessions, I'm back to normal activity and continue to do the stretching routine she advised.  I believe that even at the age 76, I will become more flexible.  Life is good!” - Brian Shaw.

“Elizabeth is very knowledgeable, professional, and truly wants to help people. I have finally found someone who has zeroed in on my problem and sent me on the right path.” - Tom Grimm

“The best in Manitowoc County! So professional, modern, and friendly! I had my first session today for heel pain, and Stacy was so thorough and friendly. Highly recommended!” - Ariane Gunderson

“In only 2 sessions I have had a tremendous improvement in my hip pain. Liz and Stacey are so caring and knowledgeable and take so much time outside of your appt to make sure you are doing ok! Their facility is state of the art, beautiful, and up to date!!! Manitowoc is blessed to have Juniper!” - Sara Stuebs

“I recently saw Elizabeth for some shoulder issues.  Her knowledge of the body and testing the body were fantastic!  By applying some Dry Needling and Soft Tissue Manipulation, after 1 visit I was able to experience an increased range of motion and a decrease in muscular pain!  I would highly recommend her and her expertise!” - Theresa Marie Falvey

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