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How to Stay Motivated to Be Active

Isn’t that a good question to ask? As a lifetime “exerciser” and a physical therapist, I have gotten asked this question quite often. Life is busy and fitting in time to work out is tough. I totally understand. Truthfully, the simple answer is “Know Your Why”. I know, I know that has become quite the popular phrase. But it is true.

When you know WHY you want to do something, it truly motivates you to do it on those days that your bed feels extra comfortable. But HOW do you figure out YOUR Why? I’m a fan of examples, so let me give you a few good ones I’ve heard over the years.

I consistently work out because…

  • It sets my mind straight for the day

  • It energizes me and helps me be more productive

  • It keeps me feeling “young”

  • I like the way my clothes fit and feel

  • I want to be able to keep up with my kids, grandkids, fur babies, etc

  • Working out helps me do all the things I love easier

  • Keeps my heart healthy and happy

  • I love how comfortable it makes me feel in summer clothes

  • It keeps me off of my heart & cholesterol meds

  • My body doesn’t ache as much

Maybe some of these resonate with you. Maybe not. We are ALL so very unique but I bet you know a few people in your life that have said one of these things before. Next time you are savoring your morning cup of jo, I challenge you to spend some time thinking about YOUR why.

Make it more real by writing it down, sharing it on social or with a friend. Getting it out of your head and into the world helps solidify it.

Oh and here are FIVE more things that I suggest you try to keep yourself going when you’d rather pull the covers over your head.

  1. Try the 5 second Rule. I count down from 5 and then get up without thinking of anything else. It May sound strange but this infamous author swears by this in her book entitled The 5 Second Rule

  2. Schedule your workouts into your weekly schedule. Sometimes it’s creative and messy. I used to run to my daughter’s softball games and then drove home with my husband. Yes, I was sweaty when I got there but I learned to not care.

  3. Find a workout partner. THIS makes ALL the difference in the world. You know they are waiting for and expecting you. You’d hate to disappoint.

  4. Train with a personal trainer. Similar to a workout partner but this time you’ve paid money. That will definitely keep you committed!

  5. Try an organized home workout program like Beachbody. They do a fantastic job of giving you a doable system that is not only organized but holds you accountable. I did this for many years when I couldn’t leave my young children at home.


Running over 40 doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or complicated. In fact, being intentional with a few simple strategies can keep you running without fear of pain or injury. Click here to get 5 things you must do now to keep running as you age!


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