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Celebrating ONE YEAR in Business as Juniper Physical Therapy!

YEAR anniversary in business as Juniper Physical Therapy!

I can’t believe it has actually been ONE YEAR!!!  It feels like a HUGE milestone that came very quickly!  I am SO happy to say that I still LOVE my decision to do this and am SO grateful that I listened to my heart.  I “Followed My Bliss” as directed on a gift so thoughtfully given to me by one of my dear friends, and I have not looked back.

My choice to leave my stable job and venture into a whole new territory was risky.  My concept of personalized PT without dependency on insurance was and still is very new to my home town.  I was honestly scared it wouldn’t be well received. However, I knew in my heart that it was a better way to provide authentic care for both injury recovery and prevention.  

I was free to treat how I learned was best.  No silly restrictions or client sharing amongst staff.  I now know EVERY client’s name, their story and their body’s needs.  I understand their goals and adjust accordingly to meet them.

I spend way less time on documenting and way more time communicating with my client’s between sessions.  I am able to enjoy learning all the latest and greatest during my work day without having to take as much time away from my family.  I get to design programs and workshops for the community and even grow another side venture for active women called

I’m making more friends in the community and love being able to be a part of providing unique wellness and prevention-based services right here in Manitowoc.  I’m finding time to connect with like-minded women and haven’t been this happy in a long time.

I also want to sincerely thank my business coach, Aaron Lebauer.  

This past year has certainly been a roller coaster of emotions. I’ve had tough days at times…as every business owner has.  However, I would never trade this for a regular old job again.

I wake up every day excited to work.  I feel passionate about PT again and am so very grateful for everyone who has supported or encouraged me. A special and deserving shout out to my husband Eric and our two girls, Isabella & Sophia. Eric has trusted my abilities from day one and has done everything he can to support me.  My beautiful teen daughters have learned to adjust to their new busier, yet happier, mom AND have endured having their friends see and like my social media posts. 

This would not be complete without a shout out to my sister, Alyssa (& her dog “Juniper”) who gave me the necessary nudge (& business name) to wake up and listen to that strong voice in my head. The one that said, life is too short Liz, now go do what you are meant to do!  If you are not happy, please change it!

Cheers to the Lord above, for dream following and to staying active and happy for life!


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