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3 Tips for a Beginner Runner

Are you a beginner runner?  Or, perhaps you’ve been “a runner” at some point in your prior life and are getting back into it. Either way, ensure your running success by following these 3 tips for a beginner runner.

Remember the 3 C’s:  Comfortable, Controlled & Conversational

As you are building your baseline mileage (during your 1st several weeks of running), do your best to maintain an easy pace and effort.  Of course, your initial running may feel somewhat difficult but avoid going too fast or too hard.

Incorporate Variety into Your Runs

Many beginner runners choose to run the same route, the same pace, the same terrain, and wear the same shoes.  Electing to spice things ups (including have more than one pair of shoes) can help avoid the same continuous wear and tear to your body.  Your body loves change and adapts very well to a multitude of stresses. In fact, our bodies crave and need these different stressors in order to get stronger and faster.

Include other activities (other than running) into your training regime

The most successful runners are those that consider themselves “athletes that specialize in running”.  Incorporating strength training, mobility work and cross training into your training plan challenges your body in ways that running alone can not do.  It keeps your musculoskeletal system better balanced, challenges your cardiovascular system in a different way and enables you to be a more well rounded athlete…and…a better runner.

These tips are just three more ways to prevent injury and improve your performance as a smart & strong runner!



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