How We Are Different

We are specialists in what we do.

Each of us has our favorite body regions, conditions, and/or topics that we have spent extra time and studies in. We will listen to your needs and match you with the therapist that knows best for your specific concerns.

You have just ONE therapist.

We take pride in our ability to ensure that we truly get to know YOU.  You can feel confident and comfortable knowing that your therapist is fully engaged in your case because she is not “sharing” you with others.

We ALL have advanced degrees and certifications.

We can promise you that your therapist has both experience and education to provide you with advanced care.  You will never be in the hands of therapy aides or assistants.

We believe in care that is not only proven but effective.

You will experience a combination of manual (hands on) work and prescriptive exercise.  We stay current with not only the trends but with the ever-changing evidence in our field.  You can feel assured that we are offering you both the latest and greatest as well as time-proven effective care.

We are fully transparent.

You will understand your time and financial commitment on day one.  Although we can’t be exact every time, we do our best to estimate your needs at the beginning of your care.  You will never receive any “surprise” bills.

Meet Our Staff


Meet Liz


As a lifetime runner herself, she understands runners and has devoted many of her studies to how to best care for and serve this population.  In addition, she has over 20 years of experience and is confident in taking care of your whole body.  She utilizes functional movement assessments to understand, treat and educate you on your body's interconnectedness.

Cassie Profile Pic.png

Meet Cassie


Cassie provides you with 10+ years of experience devoted to her specialty.  She relies on a combination of hands-on manual work and progressive exercise to restore the function of your arm.  She is an occupational therapist who has earned her prestigious certified hand therapist and advanced manual therapy credentials. She is known to change the way your entire arm works in just a few sessions.


Meet Stacey


Although her 15+ years of experience has provided her the confidence to take care of your entire body, she has devoted much of her time to the study of feet.  She utilizes a unique combination of manual work and exercise to take care of your complicated feet. Her clients often describe experiencing interventions not seen or offered elsewhere in the area. Although she offers custom orthotics when needed, her primary goal is to help develop your feet’s inherent strength and mobility.


Meet Craig


He has earned his certifications through CrossFit and does a wonderful job creating custom workouts to suit all of our client's unique needs.  We are proud of the comfortable and fun relationships he has developed with his clients AND the service he has provided to our country.

The Story Of Juniper

IMG_6454 (1).JPG
Juniper in front of a Juniper.jpg
Cool Alyssa cropped.jpg

Juniper is simply named after a family dog that is named after a tree.  


There’s more to the story...

Elizabeth Wergin was approaching her 15th year as a physical therapist. She was growing tired of the traditional model of Physical Therapy and was searching for a better way.  A better program, a better conversation & a better solution for the problems active people were having.  She had ideas but was struggling to give herself permission to leave the security she had become accustomed to.  


In September of 2016, her youngest of 5 sisters, unexpectedly passed away at the age of 32.  Her name was Alyssa. Alyssa was an organic farmer who lived in northern California with her amazing dog Juniper.  She was a kind soul with a passion for our earth. She was a farmer, a beekeeper, a producer of redwood cribbage boards, a rock collector, and a photographer. 


Her death and her spirit gave Elizabeth permission to move on to pursue her own passion of helping others be fit and active in a way that was more meaningful and effective. Her concept became more clear.  A plan for an easily accessible, progressive, and supportive physical therapy clinic was formulated. 


Feeling the need to weave Alyssa's naturally healing spirit into the fabric of her new pursuit, it became clear that “Juniper” was the right name for her new clinic.  The Juniper tree was one of Alyssa’s favorite trees.  So much so that she not only named her cherished dog after one, but she also had a beautiful tattoo of a juniper branch on her forearm. This tattoo has become the artwork in Juniper’s logo.


Elizabeth later learned that the Juniper tree has further significance solidifying it as the perfect choice for a name. This unique tree has a twisty trunk that gets more beautiful as it ages.  It’s needles become softer and it produces berries (that can be used for muscle and joint pain) as it matures.  


Like the tree, Elizabeth strives to become softer, more productive, and giving with age.  She would like to help you be more comfortably active so you can enjoy your best life as you grow older and age with grace.


In honor of Alyssa’s kind spirit, Elizabeth would like to dedicate “Juniper” to the pursuit of kindness. Kindness to our earth and kindness to one another. 


May Alyssa’s kindness and love for all living creatures flow through you in the way you treat those around you each day. May her story go on.


Hold on to what is good, even if it’s a handful of earth.

Hold on to what you believe, even if it’s a tree that stands by itself.

Hold on to what you must do, even if it’s a long way from here.

Hold on to your life, even if it is easier to let go.

Hold on to my hand, even if someday I’ll be gone away from you.

-A Pueblo Indian Prayer