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You enjoy being active and know that it is “good for you”.  But, you have experienced some random aches and pains causing you to be concerned.  You also seem to lack the energy you once had to push through.


You appreciate understanding the root cause of issues, especially since you like to take good care of yourself.  However, you are not sure if your MD has the answers and Dr. Google is becoming a time sucker, causing overwhelm.


You’ve probably tried every online program, workout video or group class in order to maintain good health and/or correct your “problem”.  But, these same pains (or even new ones) keep occurring.  You are starting to feel like you are falling apart or that you better do something quick before this becomes a “real” problem or injury.


I see so many people making 5 major mistakes when it comes to taking control of their physical health and vitality.


Too much too soon and too fast. Focusing on quantity over quality. Missing the big picture like eating crap food, toxins & stress. Lacking foundational strength & mobility. Masking pain with meds or pushing through it without understanding it.



Can you imagine how it would feel if you knew you were preparing your body in the right way so you can confidently do your favorite activity without fear of injury?


How would your life be different if your body felt strong, mobile & energetic so you could truly enjoy and keep up with the rest of your friends and family during your weekend outing?


Imagine if you had the understanding and knowledge of how to manage your own body’s aches and pains without having to spend hours on Google?

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Liz Logo.png

An intuitive body care program that addresses you from a scientific and holistic perspective.  A program that provides quality movement instruction and education focused on discovering the root cause of your body’s various aches and pains.  Learn to build your foundation of strength, mobility & vitality while putting yourself in the driver's seat of your own health, awareness, and understanding leading you down the path of self love and healing.

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It really comes down to simplicity, experience AND effectiveness.


I’ve been listening to hundreds of clients and witnessing body transformations for over 20 years as a physical therapist.  I’ve learned what works, what people want and what most people are actually able to fit into their life.


I’ve discovered how incredibly connected our bodies are from a physical and emotional perspective.  I’ve seen the impact of our environment, our food, and our stress on our bodies function. I’ve realized how crucial self awareness is for injury recovery, prevention and vitality.  


I knew I had very valuable information to share that could help 1000’s of people, not just the one person in front of me.  I also knew that many people truly appreciate this information but struggle trying to find it for themselves. They feel unheard and “pieced apart” at the MD office and simply lost online.  


This program encompasses it all.  It is meant to be a place that you can gain a better understanding of what your body needs and how it works from the inside out.


You will learn how to intuitively build foundational strength and mobility at your own pace while gaining awareness on how your lifestyle choices can impact your physical body.  Your confidence in self-care will grow so that you can fully participate in all the activities that life presents.

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Monthly access to Elevating & Energizing videos & guides. We will dive deep into the 4 core modules over the next few months togther:


RESTORE where we will focus on strength building.

RELEASE where our focus is mobility gains.

RELAX where meditation, yoga, and breathwork are our main focus.

DISCOVER where you will gain a deeper understanding of your body and the way it moves & gain education to live a healthier life. We will go over things like toxins, functional medicine, stress, food, and day-to-day life stressors.

You'll also get new Holistic Body Care education delivered weekly.

& most importantly you'll have on-demand support if you need anything throughout the program.



I help ambitious and curious people reconnect to their physical bodies through education and quality movement.  


I’m a passionate body care specialist who is obsessed with understanding our bodies from a holistic perspective. I love to get down to the root cause of dysfunction in order to effectively care for ourselves as naturally as possible.


I’ve been a physical therapist for over 20 years and a lifetime explorer of alternative medicine.  I’m currently pursuing a functional medicine degree to formulate a solid understanding of the underlying cause of dis-ease in the body.


I’m so excited to share with you all I’ve learned and continue to learn about our amazing beautiful bodies!   I hope that the self-awareness you gain will restore you physically and help you reconnect with yourself so you can truly enjoy all that this incredible life has to offer.


It’s officially time for you to stop scrolling and searching for the holistic answers you crave.  It’s time to start listening to your body’s call for clean healthful care that will truly nourish you from the inside out.  I wholeheartedly believe that the more we slow down and take time to truly know ourselves and this blessed body we were given, the more effectively we can care for it and enjoy what life has to offer. 


Learn, love, and care for your body naturally at your own pace based on how you intuitively feel.